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Debbie Field - Principal, Market Research ( IMS Health )

  IMS Health have been pleased to work with Rodika Research Services. We have always found Rodika to be very professional, setting a high standard within the market research industry.

The staff at Rodika are very experienced and understand our needs. Their regular communication with us on all projects ensures that the job is completed to our satisfaction and within our, sometimes tight, deadlines.

Rodika’s approach is personal and highly ethical. Their success in healthcare research fieldwork and processing is testament to their quality and service.  

Vivienne Kirsh - Director ( Field of Research )

  I have been using Rodika Research Services for both qualitative and quantitative fieldwork services, since they first opened their doors in 2008. Rodika is dependable, diligent and ethical in their management of any project they work with, leaving no stone unturned and doing their utmost to adhere strictly to the specifications of the project.

Rodika’s experience in the arena of medical market research field services is apparent through the advice they offer and the results they achieve. I am always highly satisfied with the quality of service including respondents recruited, completion of sample as requested and communication throughout the duration of the project and directly post-project.   

Joseph Loewy - Managing Director ( Red Stallion ), Joint Director ( The Pharmaceutical Research Company )

  I have worked with Rodika for several years now and from my experience if you need the impossible done in regard to recruiting they will find a way to achieve it.

I have had some difficult recruiting projects and whereas I have also used other recruiters, if I have a job that just has to be delivered on time, on budget, I know I can rely on them.

I have 100% trust and confidence in their delivery. I have no hesitation in recommending them for any Healthcare recruiting project. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.