The resources and expertise to find the right respondents for your research…

Respondent Lists   We can provide access to up to date lists for healthcare professionals (including allied health workers)

Or we can use your list and return it with updated details gathered during the project

Recruitment   Well planned interview schedules for your groups or depth interviews

Tightly managed to meet screening criteria and quotas

Questionnaire   Online surveys and telephone questionnaires will receive a detailed review to ensure logical flow and realistic timing

Online, telephone, groups or depths…

Online Surveys
  Scripted by our online service providers using the latest software which allows for surveys with complex routing but which are still clear and easy to use

Stable and secure dedicated hosting with reliable back up

Telephone Interviews  

We provide mature, experienced healthcare interviewers to conduct pen and paper interviews

Online Focus
  Securely hosted by our online service providers
  No need for respondent to download software

Full transcript with mark up provided

Groups or Depth Interviews  

Follow up and reminders to ensure respondents are available for your groups or depth interviews


Regular updates to keep you informed on the progress of the project

We report your results with accuracy and speed…

Editing / Coding  

Your survey will be edited and coded by our highly experienced staff and trained medical coders

  Fast and accurate
  Word or Excel data files

Offer Q-compatible SPSS and ASCII data files

Payments of respondents

Timely issuing of incentives

Post Project Reporting   You will receive a report summarising response rates, average length of interviews, number of faxes sent, updated contact information on list etc…