Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

The Rodika Healthcare Panel

Pharmaceutical, medical device & the biotech industry regularly seek to engage with healthcare professionals to obtain crucial feedback to inform the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

To this end, Rodika conduct regular market research on behalf of this industry as well as state and federal government departments, giving healthcare professionals the opportunity to express their opinions.

Participation in market research allows HCPs to:

  1. Keep up-to-date with new developments or products;
  2. Influence decisions regarding current and future medications, devices and treatment solutions.


All respondents are offered an honorarium for time spent participating in a study.

This honorarium reflects the length of commitment required and/or the methodology involved as well as the seniority of the HCP.

Study details

We organise open discussions between experienced market researchers and healthcare professionals. These are held over the phone or face to face, via one-on-one interviews or focus groups undertaken at a viewing facility. We canvas your views and practising details to ensure your opinion and experience is relevant to those commissioning the study.

Some studies involve the completion of an online survey, participation in an online forum, or testing of a device.

When participating in our research projects, your responses are used by us and the sponsoring company for market research purposes only. Your responses are collated with other respondents and presented in anonymised form.

We adhere to the AMSRS code of conduct & abide by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). This ensures that we comply with Australian legal & ethical guidelines in relation to adverse events reporting, incentive disclosure requirements & data protection.

Joining our Panel

A confirmation email will be sent to you to validate your registration.

Invitations will be emailed to you periodically seeking your participation in studies that are relevant to your medical specialty. The invitation will outline the topic and methodology of the research along with the honorarium offered for your time.

The information collected via our panel or research projects will be used solely for the purpose of selecting respondents for market research projects and any personal information will only be shared with third parties with your prior agreement.

You will not be asked to purchase any product or subscribe to any service as a result of taking part in any of our studies.

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